Leverage Ron's insatiable thirst for learning by getting him to share the best tactics in leadership, sales, and negotiation that he has tried and tested in businesses.


Negotiation is all about leverage, both actual and perceived, and Ron has a very unique process to bring people through to discover all of their leverage and support them in getting the best outcome possible.


Sales always starts with asking 2 simple questions: who is your customer, and what problems are you solving. And then the chess game begins. Ron has come up with the playbook/process to take you and your team to the closing line.


Leadership is the cornerstone of any organization. Ron truly believes in servant leadership and has a great coaching process as well as simple tools for leaders to execute their vision. Servant leadership is about building other leaders and is the only way to scale your organization.

Strategic Planning
with Your Team

Alignment. Ron has developed a very unique process to bring any company through, starting with purpose and values, to get everyone aligned and beating the same drum - focused on company results.

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